ARPA, for your agricultural needs

We are working for you. For your land and to increase your productivity. We are working to provide you with manure that is rich in conclusive results.

Fertilizers and manure for farm soils. Arpa is a synonym of “an extremely wide range of products designed and produced to nourish, protect and integrate the productivity of all types of soil”. Your company is deeply rooted in your local area, and on that very land, Arpa knows how to give the best of itself.

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Arpa is a leading brand committed since 1986 to selecting the best fertilizers and manures available in the market, to boost your business, constantly looking for top products.

Arpa is a hub of agricultural chemistry experts who study each product according to its capacity to supply nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and any other element considered to be crucial for soil fertility. Only the best products for all kinds of soils and crops are selected for you.

Arpa is your strategic business channel which matches world class production standards to your agricultural business.

Arpa is among the pioneers of mixed fertilisers. This explains the renown of Arpa mixtures acknowledged by farm operators and agronomists for being undeniably reliable and incomparable products.

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Worldwide population

Arable lands
(hectare per capita)

To what extent is agriculture important? Beyond words.

Here is the updated calculation of the world population and the quantity
of agricultural lands worldwide.

The above data suggests that that the world lives and depends on agriculture,
which explains the extent of our and your responsibility.

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Manure and fertilisers bearing the Arpa brand are available in different product formats. In this way, you will always be able to find the one that is ideal for you, for your companies and which will fulfil your production needs.

  • big bag 1000 kg
    BIG BAG 1.000 kg

    Designed especially for large industrial users

  • big bag 600 kg
    BIG BAG 600 kg

    Characterised by the sturdiness of the materials, Designed especially for large agricultural users

  • sacco 50 kg
    SACK 50 kg

    on pallets ranging between 1,600 kg to 1,750 kg

  • sacco 25 kg
    SACK 25 kg

    on pallets ranging between 1,200 kg and 1,600 kg

  • rinfusa

    A quick to load and low-cost solution

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Manure and fertilizers directly sent to retailers
and cooperatives. Quick delivery and ensured
turn around terms.

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Arpa monitors each logistic phase from both its Marketing Department in Mantua (Italy) and its warehouses in Ravenna and Mantua (Italy). Arpa agents and collaborators are active nationwide, yet their widespread presence is mainly concentrated in Northern/Central Italy.

The success of Arpa is based on three key aspects:
Quality as well as Speedy and Punctual delivery.

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ARPA, Music for your land
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